Yesterday we launched The Podcast Font (thank you @podnews @jamescridland for the annoucement!).
The Podcast Font provides all the icons you need for your podcast website, your podcast app or your podcast documents.

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@chrislw Not “all” of these as many are not useful for Castopod.
Moreover Castopod embeds the SVG within the HTML for performance issues.

@benjaminbellamy We made the right choice to change their names to match the tags. :)

@jamescridland @benjaminbellamy I love the chapters tag and the medium tag. Those are my favs. Will use those on the apps page.

@StevenB I have an Umbrel running and @dave had opened a channel a while ago but I never managed to get it fully operational… 😕

@benjaminbellamy Go to the Lightning tab section on the dashboard and there is a channels widget that shows all the open channels.

@benjaminbellamy Click the 3 little buttons up at the top right and paste in your node's address here. Should be a long hash that starts with 02 or 03.

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