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Now listening to “Podcasting 2.0 for November 20th 2020 Episode 12: Breaking Code”, twice, in two different apps because I want to test all the cool new features they talk about in the podcast! 👍🥳🎤🎧

So many familiar faces… 😉
“The big meeting of
FRENCH DIGITAL AUDIO is back for its 3rd edition in live streaming.
ACPM invites you to a new edition where producers, publishers, platforms, advertising agencies, agencies,
advertisers and industry personalities will bring you their rich and instructive perspectives.”
Poke @jamescridland

I posted on LinkedIn the transcript from the interview I made last friday.
We talked about podcast re-decentralization, about @podcastindex , about @Castopod and about many other things…!

We are using opawg/user-agent to detect who is listening to podcasts hosted by @Castopod (Thank you @jamescridland for managing that project)

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