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@dave @js Yes I do!
@lyonel is behind it. He's been using (and updating) @Castopod on its own since the beginning.

@jamescridland @Castopod But in the end every business model has loop holes somewhere…
(Even analytics certified by a 3rd party can be altered, remember Anthony Gourraud’s article.)

@jamescridland @Castopod
On the other hand, I must concede that having a third party who certifies that analytics were not altered can be an advantage.

@jamescridland @Castopod If you do advertise on your podcast and get paid based on analytics then they have a very real value.

@jamescridland @Castopod
Yes. My concern about analytics is more on the fact that they are selling your data back to you.
Nevertheless, analytics are audience data (even though they carry no name nor address), or meta-data if you prefer but meta-data are also data, and they do have a real $ value.

I woke up this morning, had breakfast, did my weekly routine and then remembered that this week is an empty week.

@benjaminbellamy adding to that, almost no one says something that every podcast should do, own the address of its feed. You can redirect to your hoat, but definitively, the feed everyone knows of your podcast should be owned by you.

Last, when you have multiple RSS feeds, mirrored here and there, they always end up being all indexed, confusing your audience and splitting it into pieces like a shattered… mirror.

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To me, adding Podcasting 2.0 tags there seems to be an awful idea.
Podcast Host must be a part of that.
They must feel involved.
We all know that workarounds have a tendency to stick forever…
Do not encourage podcasters to create a multi-layered RSS feed.

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Using a Chartable RSS mirror gives them total power on your podcast.
They are already selling YOUR audience data back to you…
(A reason why @Castopod offers IABv2 analytics, your audience is your value, do NOT entrust it to a third party…)

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There is no benefit here.
No podcast host will keep you stuck.
They all offer 302 redirection. But by the way, do we you if Chartable will? They did not say.

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Castopod has been supporting the podcast funding tag for months! 💸

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