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Castopod supports the Location tag!
Thanks to the @podcastindex location tag you may now specify if your podcast is about a specific place.

Namespace: Just finalized the <podcast:person> tag.

I wrote a short article that explains how to record a on Linux with remote guests, using Ubuntu, Ardour and Jack Audio Connection Kit. 馃帣
Feedback are welcome!

If you just want to say hello or if you have a problem, you may join us on Discord 馃挰 :

@tomrossi7 Honestly, at this rate of progress, I think within a short amount of time the open ecosystem will have more features than the closed ones. I don't see them doing any of this. Do they even have chapter art yet?

"Closed vs Open. As Spotify expands their suite of exclusive content, and others like Amazon and Apple enter the fray, we鈥檒l begin to see more competition between closed platforms and the open RSS-based ecosystem. I believe the open ecosystem can continue to thrive; competition is healthy, after all. But the open ecosystem will need to continue to innovate as an industry to serve listeners, creators, and advertisers well." -- Dave Zohrob from Chartable.

Morning comment on Deezer App:
Deezer mobile app keeps its index for a very long time.
When @jamescridland updated the keys in opawg/podcast-rss-useragents 2 weeks ago, it created duplicated entries.
The analytics from this graph are weekly so duplicated should have disappeared by now (now they鈥檙e gone on Spotify for instance).
I even get (many) 404 from Deezer app on mp3 urls from before I moved that podcast to @Castopod months ago.

I've given the podcast:location tag a good workout, following a number of helpful discussions in the Github and here. You'll find a proposal (and quite a lengthy preamble) here. I'd be super-grateful for feedback.

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