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Hey @dave, downloading the podcast index database dump can be a bit tedious, wouldn't it make more sense to make it available on bittorrent?

Estrenamos... ¿nueva red social? 🥳

Así como lo lees. Estamos probando Castopod 🎙. Hemos migrado el RSS Feed de nuestro podcast la cual también incluye la característica "Activity", adonde podremos conversar sobre cada nuevo episodio. 💗

¿Listo para disfrutar de la nueva versión de "Esto es Podcast 2."? 🚀

Deja tu comentario aquí debajo. 👇


2021 has been a pretty good year for !
📈 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 🥳🎙️

Just read today's @jamescridland's @podnews and I love “Podcasting: The Game!”, but I think someone needs to make “Podcasting 2.0: The REAL Game!”. 😉

We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy new year, and a happy podcasting! 🎄 🗓️ 🎙️

@theDanielJLewis @StevenB @agates @dave This is exactly how the current spec works.


@agates @theDanielJLewis @StevenB @dave Finally, Alecks, you appear to be looking for a new protocol format - so podfollow:u3hd-3cfe-dfd3 (etc) if I understand correctly.

If that's the case, then these fail incredibly ungracefully if you don't have a handler installed. If Mary scans one of these, or tries following a link to one, without having the right software it will give her an error and no help in fixing it. I fail to see how anyone can seriously suggest this as a solution.

I got a tetrahedral microphone 🎙️ for my birthday (thank you @cyrilht!) and I am truly amazed by the open source IEM Plug-in Suite! 😱
It make the ambisonic workflow so easy.

@benjaminbellamy Some work has already been made on that front. There exists an open specification that allows users to keep their data and share it with other apps: The Solid Project.

👉 👈

Therefore a listener would be able to switch from one app to another but also to use them simultaneously, which make a lot of sense if you use different kinds of device (TV set, phone, laptop, portable speaker…)

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But we should also define standardized APIs that allow read/write access so that we could develop centralized podcast account services.
So any app would be able to rely on a third party for user subscriptions.

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I think we need to write that spec.
Basically we would store in a JSON file:
- all subscribed podcasts
- all played/timestamped episodes
- playlists
- currently playing episode

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What are the most spoken languages… in podcasting? 🗣🎙🗺
[Data source:]
What language are you speaking on your podcast?

I'm thinking it's time to dust off and actually make it do something useful. I know I have bigger fish to fry, but the universal links thing is really annoying and this could solve it.

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