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@adam What is the normal turnaround on transcripts for NA?

I am still seeing what looks like a placeholder for Ep. 1304.

Speaking of the Podcast Transcript Search.

Please take another look.

I've made a few improvements:

- Search works across entries.
- Results include audio playable at the relevant timecode.

Please comment / criticise.

It still needs some cleanup and I suppose some docs for integration couldn't hurt. :)

I think the biggest limitation now is CORS which prevents it from loading arbitrary feeds / transcripts.

Thanks again!

@adam @dave et al.

After poking around, I have something of a PoC coming together for the Podcast Transcript Search.

Please have a look:

There is more work to be done, but it will search SubRip files for matches.

Works via node/cli or browser. CORS limits browser to SRTs on the same domain, needs a service to fix that.

Next steps:

- Search across entries.
- Play audio at the timecode.

Please comment / criticise.

If it seems valuable, I will keep working on it.

@adam @dave et al.

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@dave @adam Re: episode 14 and the location use case...

I look forward to a time when I can subscribe to local journalists and hear the local news and discussion from outside the MSM.

With streaming payments straight to them to acknowledge the quality of their content, I'd say location could change a game here.

@dave Would a 'rel' (relationship) attribute help to clarify which use case a location tag applies to?

rel="recorded-at" locality="Gitmo Nation"...
rel="about" locality="Beautiful Birmingham" ...

You could specify some well known 'rels' but allow others. This would follow what you see in the html link, a, form tags etc.

Would a JavaScript module that reads a srt transcript and returns timecodes based on text searches be something that is useful?

I'm just listening to Ep 14 of Podcasting 2.0 and it piqued my interest as something that might be worthwhile?

Thanks @adam and @dave for another great episode.

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Listening to PC 2.0 E13 -- email i person tag; that was solved in FOAF, SHA-1 hashed email address, enough to obscure the address to prevent automated spam

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