@dave glad to hear it.. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

@dave et al.

I've made some updates to the Podcast Index Client in Golang:

Implemented a generic call interface, so now it should support the entire API + modifications.

Added convenience functions for the read only API as well as for results, feeds and items.


Please fork, use and abuse as you see fit!


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@dave et al.

It's a start:

Podcast Index Client in Golang.


Currently limited to search by term, but structured for easy expansion.

Please submit issues, PRs and otherwise let me know what you think.



I've been thinking this would be a useful addition to the namespace... Something like update frequency as well as a hint as to when new episodes should be expected.

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It is also a nodejs module that anyone could use from the cli or integrate into another node service.



Right now - no.

Since this is all front-end Javascript, the browser stops you from loading arbitrary urls (except for audio or images).

What I am thinking of doing is building a 'gateway' service that would get around this and enable 100% client side podcast apps.


I particularly enjoy how the voice to text "AI" consistently interprets "John C" as "Jhansi". :)


Sorry - I bet we could figure out a way to automate that.

@adam What is the normal turnaround on transcripts for NA?

I am still seeing what looks like a placeholder for Ep. 1304.

@dave @adam

For sure - I could add some query parameters that would specify the feed and the search string.

It will be limited though to transcripts that I have loaded.

I guess the question is where to go with it? Is it a library to integrate with some other sw? Does it make sense as a service on its own?

I would appreciate input on this.


@dave @adam

Yeah, all on the client.

I have a thing for using other peoples compute resources whenever possible. :)

This means CORS is a problem...

I have something in mind like a "Podcast Gateway" - something server side that would allow a JS only client to retrieve feeds, transcripts etc. Safely and regardless of the host.

@martin @WClayFerguson

As one who has spent a lot of time starring into the abyss that is the iOS Safari black box, I sympathise.

Let me know how your debugging goes and if there is anything I can do to help.

@martin @WClayFerguson

Sorry I haven't done that while it's playing... I would have hoped that at that point you could go back to setting currentTime ?

Since metadata etc is loaded... you would think it would work.

@martin @WClayFerguson

As an architecture astronaut when it comes to software design, I hate the fragment thing.

But it does seem to be working.

Speaking of the Podcast Transcript Search.

Please take another look.


I've made a few improvements:

- Search works across entries.
- Results include audio playable at the relevant timecode.

Please comment / criticise.

It still needs some cleanup and I suppose some docs for integration couldn't hurt. :)

I think the biggest limitation now is CORS which prevents it from loading arbitrary feeds / transcripts.

Thanks again!

@adam @dave et al.

@martin @WClayFerguson

Hilarious, I was just working on something related to this with the Podcast Transcript Search. Setting a fragment on the audio src:

{audio url}?={seconds}

Worked for me on desktop as well as mobile.

Even Safari which is (surprise, surprise) a big pita!

I hope this helps.

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