Just submitted Podcast Chapters 3.0 for review - it's Podcasting 2.0 certified 🥳! I've added a window to enter all episode-relevant information and generate tags for your feed: season, episode, person, soundbite, transcript, and location.

Next step: find out if it's actually useful and which of a million possible extensions make the most sense.


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@bjoreman Fredrick's app is in the Mac App store for those who need a top notch app for chapter creation.

@bjoreman one challenge we have with chapters in Podverse is having the latest up to date chapter information. For example:

1) new episode is added to a feed, Podverse detects the update, and parses the chapters tag. If the chapters tag is missing, then the podcaster adds it later, our parser doesn’t know about it until a new episode is added and we reparse (we only fully reparse a field if a new episode is detected).

@mitch @bjoreman

2) we have a chapters URL for an episode, and we parse the chapters in that file to save in our database (so we can enrich the functionality of chapters, like making them sharable). Currently we reparse the chapters file once every 12 hours. It would be nice to be notified when a chapters file updates so we can reparse sooner.

Sorry these are more our problems than your problems, and maybe outside the scope of your app. Just wanted to make sure you’re aware of these issues.

@mitch Yes, good things to have in mind! My app is (currently, at least) kind of outside the scope of the actual publishing process. But, if it did become more of an active tool for chapter editing, it wouldn’t be hard to add functionality to ping some URL when you push new chapters.

@mitch That’s actually a very interesting thought: make Podcast Chapters a good tool for that particular editing and publishing process.

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