Podcast Chapters 3.0 was released as a sort of Easter celebration- featuring support for generation of podcasting RSS tags - people, location, transcript, soundbite and more!


@bjoreman There are chapters apps for Mac. I hope we'll one day see a good one for Windows as well. 😉


@joey Surely there’s *something* out there? I recall finding all the core library types available for Windows back when I was rewriting the core of the app. Used some of them as reference, even 😃

@bjoreman @joey Just tweeted this out. Looks good. I'll grab the new version when I get home.

@bjoreman Auphonic can do chapters (online). I'm doing it directly in Hindenburg Journalist. Hindenburg can even do chapters for .m4a files. That's a big feature, since chapter tools for .m4a files are even more scarce.

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