Ugh vacation time means we haven't been able to keep up with lives, got some serious shows to catch up on this week.

Most excited for that @cottongin Hog Story last night! Luckily we have some long drives coming up over the weekend 😁🍻

@blaney I use Curiocaster to stream sats from my phone and Pod Friend on my PC.

cc: @StevenB @martin

I am getting to know Curiocaster! 🥰
I have to say, I'm super excited about it! I figure this is the place to express this.

@CarBlanez33 and I host a podcast called Hog Story. For the latest episode, Round Aboot, we were joined by @adam, The Podfather Himself! Sit yourself down and hang on, this was a hell of an episode

Go Podcasting!

LIVE! TONIGHT! 7 pm CT/ 8 pm ET @Lennoxxreverb and I welcome to the Smoker, The PodFather, @adam host of No Agenda, Moe Factz w/ Adam Curry Podcast and Podcasting 2.0.

Be sure to join us LIVE!


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