Getting ready to record some AbleKraft with @SirSpencer in half an hour.

@ChadF @blaney

Yeah, I listened to Dane Cook on my iPod when I was on the submarine. Audio only would totally work.

@blaney @ChadF

This would be really cool. I could see a good comedian getting a lot of boosts.


Step 1 - get Adam back on JRE
Step 2 - tell Joe about Stand-up 2.0
Step 3 - ???????
Step 4 - Profit

I did watch the Andrew Schulz special that he bought back from Netflix. Not quite worth $15 ($12.50) but I'm glad he did it and got the ball rolling.

Happy Birthday Boostagrams!!!

You've grown so much in a year! We're so proud of you!!!

@StevenB Thank you for being on Podcasting 2.0! It was great to hear from you.

@blaney Could be a thing. We should do a jam and make it happen...

@blaney If only I had gotten a notification you had gone live in a podcasting 2.0 app!

@Boo_BuryMothman I successfully streamed on NA Tube and shared my screen doing some fun art stuff! There is so much potential. 🤩
You can see us running with scissors because of the video! Now to get those sats streamed. 🤙😎💯⚡️

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