@dave and @adam would you like to be supporter of our local national competition in Poland? I love what you doing, and want more people interest of podcastindex and your mission "to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem" In our polish podcast catalogue we do similar thing (podkasty.info), and I can sign both hands. Website of competition podkasty.info/Podkaster2021 (use google to translate) Let me know soon. Keep podcasting :)

@steven Looking forward, I really appreciate your contribution to the free speech platform

Hi Steven. Could podping.watch filter podcast with polish language for ex? @steven

Why don't we use wikidata for guid of podcasts episodes? Like this one: wikidata.org/wiki/Q110471665

Dlaczego by nie używać wikidata do guid odcinków podkastów? Tak jak tu: wikidata.org/wiki/Q110471665

@dave @adam

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