I am a manager at a FANG. I end every 1:1 meeting with “Anything I can do for you?” Cracks me up when @adam does it. It’s very endearing.

Curious what everyone’s goto Podcast app is and why? I am liking Pocket Casts currently.

It got me thinking. Portability of subscriptions would be interesting. Decentralize subscriptions and make changing (or using multiple) players “free”.

Are there any examples / POCs of how to do a needle drop into a random podcast?

Could be a cool Skill.

“Alexa, ask Podcast Index for a needle drop”

New to the community. I created an example of how to interact with a Podcast-index from a Lambda (via API gateway) (github.com/tbowers/python-podc).

I'm more comfortable with backend than frontend but if you're ready to create your podcast webapp and need a backend guy, ping me.

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