Huge respect to @martin who just joined me in Israel's nation wide 2 minute silence in memory of the Shoah(Holocaust) as the air raid sirens wailed across Israel.

He couldn't see out my window but this is what I saw.

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@brianoflondon @martin this is a couple of years ago on the Memorial Day for fallen in war and terrorism but the experience is the same.

Watch for the bat shit crazy Israeli in the black car.

@brianoflondon @martin During one of my visits on memorial day I was on a car when this happened, is really impressive and humbling.

@eee @brianoflondon

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to write this nice message to us. We love you too <3

@martin @brianoflondon no you don't, your race celebrates genocide

@martin I'm blocking all the Jew hating trolls. Long experience and I don't engage with their crap.

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