@martin resume after a phone call should be a priority for iOS Podfriend 🙂


@martin and now resuming after a pause caused by having to talk to my wife and open a picture in WhatsApp podfriend has lost my place and gone back to where I mentioned boosting. IOS.

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@brianoflondon Yeah, the problem is that the Data storage is only updated when the App is open. - which means if you get a call or something and close the app, then it won't remember.

This is something I will address very soon hopefully (because I hate it myself :D )

@martin it's kind of my most annoying failure but you already know this.

@brianoflondon Yeah, I agree 100% - it's those kind of things that feel horrible.

@martin @brianoflondon On the other side, when the podcast has episodes enabled this is less of an annoyance ;)

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