So I drove to Netanya, picked up a little Pi 4, drove to my offices and grabbed a 1TB SSD, raided my son's room for a USB C to USB3 adapter (because I didn't know I needed that...)

And I have Umbrel running and downloading 350GB.

But can I pay 20,000 Sats to it? No. No Route.

Who wants to tell me how to get my routes set up?


well that's a let down.... i already can't seem to log back in to the thing with the password I gave it.

I'm pretty good at recording passwords in a password manager, don't think I could have messed that step up....

Hmmm... I think I'll reflash this thing and try again.

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This is flipping frustrating already! I know exactly what the password I used during setup was, it is in my password manager. After reflashing the SD card I thought I'd be back to square one... nope.

Still asking for a password and won't accept anything.

Do I have to wipe the SSD as well? Guess I'll do that and flash the sd card now.

@brianoflondon wiped it and started again.

I think I'll just leave it alone till it synchronizes the whole chain.

Back to my python comfort zone.

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