@brianoflondon Brian, can you find out what it would take to run a private Hive chain in case of failure? I'll write a server implementation for the publisher-side interface this week. Once that's written and we know how hosts can call it, we can put your hive script on the back-side and start testing it by replicating our in-bound websub to it.

@agates Do you want to get the firehose to start with so we can start playing with alternateEnclosure live trigger?

@dave @agates I'm thinking the best thing I could write (which means learning how Docker works) is a container that is a very simple internal
API with no authentication that you run which just sends a passed json onto the Hive chain.

The credentials of the Hive account that writes the call will be in the Docker environment (if I understand Docker so far).

You can then wrap that in a podcastindex API call and we test.

@brianoflondon @agates Does your Python interface to Hive have to be a daemon? Or can it just be called on the command line in a one-off manner?

@dave @agates I'm going to check that. Everything I'm doing in Python can be done in Javascript too.

BTW I just added to the watcher.py file the functionality to look back X Days or Minutes and then start monitoring when it catches up with realtime.

I also fixed those API errors by RTFing the M ;-)

Plus the monitor is now nearly instant (more like the 3s block time).

@brianoflondon @agates I’ll give you and Alex maintainer access to the podping repo tonight so you can post the code to it. Just make it so that the code doesn’t contain any permission/account keys and then we can use docker to pass that info to the script on the command line at run time.

I can make that repo private if you don’t want the code seen publicly yet.

@dave @agates everything I've done so far is public. The how to deploy and put into docker is what I'm very clueless on. Happy to watch you guys do that.

My very lightweight flask api with one call works nicely as a dev server.


@dave @agates the only thing the code needs for posting notifications is an account name and posting key.

The watcher.py script runs as is after installing the "pip install beem" library

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