If anyone is interested I did an interview on a range of stuff, Israel and UK related stuff, Tommy Robinson and toward the end a bit about Tech freedom and our court case against Facebook and Google.

Right at the beginning I mention my No Agenda Knighthood while discussing pronouns 🙂

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@brianoflondon Listened. Interesting stuff. First time I realized that I might also be indigenous person 🤔. Never thought of that before. I haven't done any research but I'm not aware of any people living here before the Finns.
And we were oppressed by the Swedes and the Ruskies. So I think I might qualify. 😄

@ville I'm sure you are. For most people this is axiomatic! So much so they never think about it. It's only when invasion, conquest, expulsion or occupation crush an indigenous identity that we start to notice.

This was a pretty good explanation I did:

@ville and it's not only about who was there first. It's about carrying forward connections and cultural practices which are geographical significant. There were Canaanite tribes and others but their cultures of child sacrifice have thankfully died out!

This is the first thing I read on this which blew my mind.

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