Last night's thrilling installment of Podcasting 2.0 Devs has dropped!

All your favorite sexy JSON talk is here... featuring stars such as @martin @agates @dave and special appearance of new person @RyanHirsch !


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@brianoflondon @martin @agates @RyanHirsch Thanks for hosting/posting these Brian, and for calendaring them Alecks.

@dave @martin @agates @RyanHirsch I'm only in it for the money, one day I'll be able to buy a pizza with the sats! πŸ˜‚

@dave @brianoflondon @martin @RyanHirsch I'm in talks about moving the server soonish so I'm hoping performance wont be dramatically affected. It will likely be going to Australia.

Going to try to keep the object storage in new jersey though.

@agates @dave @brianoflondon @martin @RyanHirsch would love to join the next one if possible? Is it the same time each week?

@merryoscar @dave @brianoflondon @martin @RyanHirsch

1800 UTC every 3 saturdays and every 3 wednesdays

I know it's weird but every weekend was too much and every other week felt too slow, and we wanted a better day for europeans during the week

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