@dave I'm guessing the reason I won't get Helipad working yet is that there isn't a docker image compiled for the Pi yet?

I'm not sure I want to mess about with rust on my Pi right now so I'll wait.

I did follow your app instructions but this is what shows up in the docker log:

standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error

@brianoflondon I built one for the pi yesterday, but maybe I’m not referencing it correctly in the docker-compose file. I’ll check. Lots of moving parts here. Trying to get my hand on straight. Lol.

@brianoflondon Gonna go back through everything top to bottom today and build a new docker image based on @agates feedback. I’ll ping everyone here when ready to try.


@dave @agates robust way of generating the docker with all the installation is essential. Trying to get it to compile on my pi was a bit crazy. I'll wait 😎

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