@dave as soon as this can generated and one app supports it, I'll announce and use on NA

@adam 👍👍 We can sandbox it on pc20 and work the bugs out. Brian and Alecks are working on podping bat signal support right now.

@dave @adam

Have you worked out how the live tag will be return in an Index Query?

I'm envisioning something where the live item is put up a few hours before the live event, then the app can check the start time, then start increasing it's polling frequency for that episode the closer it get to the start time until it confirms the episode is live, but I'm speculating on how this all will work.

@StevenB @dave @adam the live is going to work best when a pidping signal is sent like the bat signal Adam puts out. We could even do something cunning like watch twitter. 😎

@brianoflondon @dave @adam

How will the apps know an episode went live? Will they have to start monitoring podping?

@StevenB @dave @adam yes. And then use whatever notification system they currently use to notify apps. This bit is a bit outside my present knowledge.

@brianoflondon @dave @adam
Hmm... well, hopefully there's some documentation and examples written up, or I fear this will go the way of in-app comments because it's too difficult to figure out or implement.

@brianoflondon @dave @adam
I get the feed from PI every 30 mins, then compare to the feed I have stored, and of there's a diff I update the variables I need to and notify. I was thinking the PI would be pinged with live, then update the feed, which I would get every 30 mins.


It's serverless functions on Node.js over Vercel, so, I'm a little bit limited with some things, like no websockets.


I could do something like that.

To understand podping a little more though, would I be hitting the hive servers several times a minute, always looking for updates to the feed.


Do have a gut feeling how much processing resources checking and processing the hive chain every few seconds uses? I'm thinking about battery life for phones, but maybe it's pretty negligible.

@StevenB @brianoflondon You're not going to watch hive from the client, especially not mobile. You'll need a server somewhere doing it.

I'm doing it on my backend, and make podpings available over websockets - if you want to use it from your server go for it. Info here: livewire.io/podping-via-websoc

@js @brianoflondon @dave

This is what I was thinking. I figured having a <live> tag returned in the feed from the index with something like the status, start time, and stop time for each <live:item> would be enough for the app developers to get something put together. Then when the live ping goes out, the status is changed to "On Air" or something.


@StevenB @js @dave @agates and I have begun cooking up a plan which I hope will become a Hive funded proposal:

Alecks wants to build a general purpose server that watches the Hive chain and serves up whatever slice of live Hive your client requests as a websocket or other tech.

This would be a self configurable server so people can roll their own but we would run some nodes.

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