Did you know the Podverse embeddable web player supports livestreams / LIT 🔥?

(I didn't until testing it today 😁)


Demo video ft. @adam @dave @ChrisLAS @floydianslips

Live demo: podverse.fm/embed/player-demo-


@dave @mitch @floydianslips @adam @ChrisLAS I have a meeting with Vimm.tv tomorrow morning (Sunday 9am EST).

I'll be showing them how Podverse can be an alternate front end and app for their entire l livestream site!

@brianoflondon @dave @mitch @floydianslips @adam @ChrisLAS Are you up for testing a livestream in the future? My co-host, Blair and I, are planning to ask Bosch Fawstin to be a returning guest on our podcast, The Secular Foxhole, talking about the situation in Sweden with book burning (read Paludon's handling of the Koran), and a new Islamist Party with connections to the Grey Wolves in Turkey, etc.

@mitch @Lyceum @adam @floydianslips @dave @ChrisLAS hey there. Been a long while since I did much stuff about that subject area. I'm loosely following it these days.

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