This was part of the 3am wake up call we got in Tel Aviv.

The rockets in the south I can hear distant thuds from interceptions and perhaps some of them landing when I stand on my balcony.

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Just comparing @steven and @ville 's pages I notice that Ville is hammering the Hive API far harder. Perhaps we can work on a good refrence javascript way of watching the chain? (forgive the giant screenshare).

I'm now making the startup of the server bullet proof and logging its progress to Hive.

Now if @dave tries to start up without a key or with a bad key or a typo in the account name he'll get this.

In short, sending all those notifications costs nothing but I have to wait to be able to send more from that account.

I think I can probably use 4 threads for posting to Hive instead of just one as I'm doing right now (and I really am on the test net right now).

I'll update the repo with the code before the weekend kicks in properly here.

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I just had to restart my fiber router and all the wifi gear and I thought it would be fun to see what happened to a Hive watcher looking for notifications.

If you look at it you'll see the code goes hunting for different API servers trying to get a connection. This is all fully automatic.

Once my router and wifi came back the code carried out and picked up a notification that came by while it was offline.

The Umbrel guys showed me that Lightning Loop functionality is in Lightning Terminal on Umbrel and I THINK it looks AMAZING!

If I seem to understand what I just did, I'm moving 430k says from my 500k channel with Sphinx into inbound liquidity (i.e. turning it into onchain Bitcoin) so I can then receive that much over the channel.

At a cost of around 17k (4%). This seems like a good option.


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@dave @cisene the code which continually scans the Hive blocks (they arrive every 3s) is running very happily on my Raspberry Pi Lightning node and uses almost no resources.

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@brianoflondon @martin the other share method says it is copying a lightning invoice!

But the lock screen player is excellent.

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I just moved 1 MILLION sats onto my Umbrel! [insert Austin Powers Gif here...]

Though I skimped on the fee so it may take a while to confirm.

There's a new beta for Umbrel that seems to have sped up my sync. I'll know more in a few hours.

You can see where I changed software.

I'm pretty close to having something I'm excited to launch for outputting the XML for value blocks and managing value blocks.

All the mechanics of this are falling into place.

I'm using Hive purely as a login/identity system and that means if you ascribe a Hive identity to a value block recipient in YOUR podcast, that recipient will be able to edit the lightning fields.

I will need to work out with @dave and @adam how they accept input from my tool to PodcastIndex

@dave this is where I got my new numbers:

and this is my feed: - id 1330001

The xml has the value blocks

For some css/cors reason the XML page looks blank but if you view source it's all there.

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In other news, at least the Umbrel Pi 4 recovered nicely without any intervention and just carried on chugging when power and my internet connection came back on. I'm quite happy with that.

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That's the % progress of my Umbrel over the last week since I turned it on.

The little kink last night where progress went backwards was a 20 minute blackout in my neighbourhood during the Dev call (in case anyone noticed me relocating to my balcony and candle light πŸ™‚

Back to the Umbrel.... this could take a while.

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