@dave @agates I have to take my car for a test tomorrow after that I'll separate hive-writer and make two versions with different communication systems.

@dave @steven @ville if I really wanted to I could write you a multi threaded version that could probably up the ping speed quite dramatically.

I could write to the chain with two threads and two different Hive accounts.

I think we should monitor the rate and the backlog and if that's a problem I can write it that way.

@dave @agates yup, I do agree it'll scare the horse asking them to post to a block chain right off the bat!

I'm off to bed, looks like you've got it running right now. I'm hoping we don't get another 3am wake up.

@dave @agates I do agree. But I will say this again: the real end goal should be hosting companies running the tiny python script themselves with their own Hive posting key.

That's decentralised.

@agates @dave it'll break above 1024 bytes but so will most of the web I think. Last I looked at the database there weren't any URL's close to that length.

I am running slow test pings on the podping service, they're coming from a different account to the one @dave uses.

@benjaminbellamy @agates @dave sorry about that! Next Saturday night is the next, then Wednesday 10 days after that.

@dave it's done, pull request back to how it was, no fancy queue on Hive side, just request, wait, answer.

@dave exactly what do you want as a response? just a text string OK or ERR?

@dave no, all the old code is in GitHub somewhere. Do you want me to queue in my code or will you wait for a success message?

@dave the python version was astonishingly easy. If you look you can see the simple test I was using with it.

Oh. Ok. I’ll have resurrect some code.

Whatever we do the Hive side is much better now.

@Muppet1856 @agates @dave on first play it's a bit tricky to use on my Mac because many of the key combinations are trapped by my Mac before they get to the terminal.

It's going to take some to set it up properly but multi tabs that survive disconnect are pretty helpful.

@StevenB how do you manually send keysend payments? What interface do you use?

@dave make sure you take my last pull request. It artificially induces an error and 30s pause 1 in 5 calls πŸ˜ƒ I commented that out in the last pull request.

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