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Ibcentivised encoding, storage and content delivery on a decentralised open network.

The full Megillah as we say in Hebrew.

White paper coming soon.

Whoever has Einundzwanzig, der Bitcoin Podcast they've also got Value splits directly in their XML. Well done!


I'm trying to decide if I should turn what I've built so far into a more sophisticated tool for specifying splits and producing value blocks.

@dave what are your plans for podcasterwallet? I can't see how to add multiple splits and its very basic.

Is there a demand for a more sophisticated split set up tool which Podcastindex could then import splits from?

It wouldn't be far away from being able to do per episode splits too.

[darn federation... posted this on NAS first!]

Thanks for the shout out in the latest show 😊 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

@samsethi unfortunately what you describe as shares in something with a potential future value is hugely regulated. There are two very high profile SEC indictments of companies behind LBRY and XRP right now for selling unregistered securities.

Is be happy to chat with you publicly or privately if you want.

Hey @martin just got the new iOS drop!

Btw Coingecko (who are good people) have a good fast free API for Bitcoin and all crypto prices. They're solid guys very mush into FOSS.

Is there a way to remove my Podcast from I don't need my Experimental feed there because it's just over-writing what I have in my XML feed!

Has anybody gathered together a list of Podcasting 2.0 and especially any Value for Value coverage? Or do I have to?

The value block for royalties on a hit song is going to be a very important NFT in the future.

For our current podcasting value for value experiment, each episode (or even a single chapter) of a podcast is a non fungible token or NFT to which the value block should be attached.

RSS feeds which, historically have rotated their older episodes out, aren't the correct place for value blocks.

The clip of the ABBA guy talking about songs played on Podcasting 2.0 comes from the very end of this excellent bbc show .

I recommend the whole site especially if you want to understand a bit of the music business which Adam knows very well.

For those of you who don't know, Israel enters the long (8 days) Passover or Pessach holiday tonight.

For observant Jews they went off line last night for Shabbat and will stay off line till Monday night.

For 8 days we're all largely on holiday or dealing with kids etc. At the end we have another festival meal to come out of this and more off line time.

So the Breeze guys really picked a prime time to launch to the No Agenda audience! πŸ˜‚.

We had more than 1million views on Panodrama in 24 hours on Facebag, big numbers on YouTube.

Of course Facebag counts 3s of viewing with the sound off as a view and the actual numbers of views of significant portions of this hour long documentary were in the high 10's of 1000's.

2 years and 3 stints in prison later, Tommy's got 90k on Telegram and I'm pretty convinced that's closer to a real number than anything Facebag ever reported.

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24 hrs after that Tommy's page was deleted and a press release went out from Facebook saying his page had called for the beheading of Muslims.

I helped run that page, we obviously never said that. Facebook never supplied a screen shot or any evidence and the media never asked for any.

It is axiomatically obvious that had we ever posted such a call, it would have been a headline in the Daily Mail 15 minutes later.

But on numbers...

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Here's my contribution to the fake numbers on the legacy socials...

When Tommy Robinson's Facebook page was deleted we had somewhere north of 1.2m "likes".

We had just released Panodrama which was his expose of the BBC trying to produce a Panorama hit piece against him. Tommy premiered that to a few thousand people outside the BBC's offices in Manchester on a giant screen. It went live on Facebook minutes later.

Shared and share able censor lists!

Everyone laughed at this suggestion but it's pretty much the same as giving users the option to limit their choice to Apple's safe list.

Whatever else I achieve I've now found and helped fix a bug in a long running open source project.

😊 I'm so pleased I'm doing this!

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