Can you guess which language is coming to Castopod v1.0.0-beta.14?! 😉
(Muchas gracias a @ernestoacostame y GabiSnow, LuuzViir, @rdelaage)

@Castopod @rdelaage A pleasure to be able to help such an incredible project. I will continue to do so whenever I have free time. Gracias chicos!!


@ernestoacostame @Castopod @rdelaage

Thank you for reporting the CSS link issue. It was also breaking my new install. It's resolved now.

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@chrislw @Castopod @rdelaage Actually the mistake was mine. I didn't update the Redis cache. But did it happen to you with a fresh install?

@ernestoacostame @Castopod @rdelaage

Yes, but it got fixed in a dev release. It will be in next week's beta release as well.

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