UPDATE: I think the admins here saw my post about uploading music. Now I'm getting "invalid file type." 😆

It's all good! I'm just going to start a #music #podcast again, damnit. There's too much incredible stuff no one is aware of!

I used to do something called "Daily Dose" which was part of the Insomnia Radio network. One track per day, very short intro about the band, and that's it. Easy to digest, easy to produce...

Hmmm. Yea....

Might want to check or what the guys at podcast index.social are working on. We've been working on extending the RSS namespace to specifically make albums available as a RSS feed and making a dedicated RSS music player.

@StevenB WHOA! Adam Curry admins this instance? I was actually on the Daily Source Code back in the day. What a small world...


Yeah, @adam and @dave started a project called Podcasting 2.0 about 18 months ago, which has attracted a ragtag bunch of misfits who are passionate about preserving, protecting, and extending the podcasting. Part of the extending is trying to get music into the RSS feeds so listeners can directly support the artists.




The whole project has a similar feel to the mid 90s punk rock scene where people were doing mail order records, printing their own band shirts, booking their own shows, printing their own zines, and the community really came together to support everyone's creative endeavors.

@StevenB I'm so happy you reached out to me today. For reasons that I can't possible explain coherently right now.

Suffice to say, I was one of the first music podcasts on the planet, formed the Association of Music Podcasting, did that full-time for a few years, and then fell into tech-based podcasting and stopped following the progress of the medium.

Informing me of all this... you've reignited my love for music podcasting in a huge way, and I thank you.

@killyourfm @StevenB All I ever did was listen to your podcasts back then, but this does sound like a thing ready made for your participation.

@Magess @StevenB I feel LOST looking at the podcast 2.0 movement, but I sincerely appreciate the whole value-for-value approach.

@killyourfm @Magess

Yeah, you're jumping into a pool that we've been digging for 18 months, and we move pretty fast.

Adam and Dave do a podcast every Friday that discusses a lot of it, and everyone at at podcastindex.social is super excited and eager to help, so don't be afraid to ask questions.


@StevenB @Magess Subscribed and already listening. Thanks for all the links, man.

here's an opening question for you: If I want to adhere to and endorse Podcasting 2.0, does it matter how the content is produced and hosted?

@killyourfm @Magess

Nope, I have a RSS generator that Adams been using for all of his podcasts, and all it does is spit out a RSS file that he hosts on his server. Lots of other people are using different podcast hosting platforms with various degrees of support for the new tags. There's also @Castopod which is a self hosted solution. As long as it's a RSS feed and it's in the Podcast Index, everything else is up to you.

@killyourfm @Magess @Castopod

Here's a link to Sovereign Feeds

And Castopod

And here's a list of apps supporting Podcasting 2.0

You can click on the filters to narrow it down to just hosting companies if you want.

@StevenB @Magess @Castopod My eternal thanks. I already started digging around at castopod.org, and that looks RIGHT up my alley.

@killyourfm @Magess @Castopod

@benjaminbellamy is one of the developers, and is very helpful if you have any questions.

@StevenB @killyourfm @Magess @Castopod I don't know if I'm always helpful but I do my best… 😉
@yassinedoghri is much better than me.

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