@dave podcastindex.org containts <link rel="icon" href="//favicon.ico">, the // makes the browser think it's a domain.

@dave @adam I really think you should address this. Developers need to know what they are allowed to do with the code published in you repos.

Do you want to somewhat disallow people to sell software that coitains the code? Go with GNU GPL3. If you don't care about that, MIT is always a good choice.

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@dave Is it me or is the "fulltext" parameter not working? It's also cutting off in a strange way on the recent Podcasting 2.0 episode: api.podcastindex.org/api/1.0/e

@dave Is this right or do you mean "only return episodes updated since then"?

Is this the place for ant fucking? Why is there both github.com/podcastindex and github.com/PodcastIndex-Org? That's just confusing.

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