@dave I could really use a mechanism for determining the crawling interval for my podcast websites. Are you going to open source yours?

Starting to look profreshional: octopod.dev

I've got a maritime joke for every day of the year, it's going to be inkredible.

At this point I’m so fed up with password managers I want to take a stab at creating passwords 2.0 (nobody ever tried that before).

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What’s the preferred way of authenticating in the podcast world? A new account+password for every service or “Sign In with X” shenanigans?

@nathan "episodeCount" property is now in the "podcasts/by*" endpoints, but I'm seeing some inconsistency in the number. Don't rely on it until I dig in and make sure there isn't a bug somewhere.

In Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so a Merry Christmas to everyone in here. I hope everyone manages to have some nice cozy days near loved ones, or just have nice relaxing days in general. Thanks for being part of this awesome community!

Not all hosting providers will support podcasting 2.0 tags but we can put the extra metadata in the content of the description and then parse it out in the players so not only can we use this technique for blogger and WordPress but for any podcasting tool that doesn't support the new tags yet. I'm putting together a static JavaScript that will accept these fancy urls and generate the RSS from them as well as an editor that lets you customize the new tags

Here's a demonstration of my embeddable podcast player for the web. It's still in alpha but it works alright on most platforms (sorry iOS): octopod.dev/examples/widget.ht

I just submitted a PR to add support for the PodcastIndex namespace in the most popular PHP library for parsing and generating feeds: github.com/laminas/laminas-fee Please show some support if you want to see this implemented.

@dave podcastindex.org containts <link rel="icon" href="//favicon.ico">, the // makes the browser think it's a domain.

@dave @adam I really think you should address this. Developers need to know what they are allowed to do with the code published in you repos.

Do you want to somewhat disallow people to sell software that coitains the code? Go with GNU GPL3. If you don't care about that, MIT is always a good choice.

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@dave Is this right or do you mean "only return episodes updated since then"?

Is this the place for ant fucking? Why is there both github.com/podcastindex and github.com/PodcastIndex-Org? That's just confusing.

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