Here's a demonstration of my embeddable podcast player for the web. It's still in alpha but it works alright on most platforms (sorry iOS):

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@codedmonkey raw web components!? Dude you’re crazy 🤪 I like the idea of this and was thinking something similar, but would have used because it’s what I use at work everyday.

@RyanHirsch That looks like a pretty nice framework. I don't really like the big ones, especially for something embeddable like this.

@codedmonkey Yeah, it is intended to be convenience wrappers around the spec, without being heavy. Specifically, your template construct, state, and observedAttributes wiring.

@codedmonkey can it play a segment with start end time via url query params? know anything that can do that?

@h4ckermike you can give it a custom starting time but reading from the query params is outside of the scope of this player. It’s best to handle that from your site’s own scripts so you can use your own url scheme.

@codedmonkey I have to try it if we can do it completely in JavaScript I'm sure it's possible for static site

@adam I don't recommend using it live in it's current state but add <script src=""></script> to your HTML page and follow the example on the GitHub.

@codedmonkey Cool! This looks really easy to drop in. Very simple markup.

@dave The idea is to have feature parity with the existing audio and video HTML tags, so everyone with basic knowledge of HTML & JS should be able to drop it in and hook into it.

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