Okay... Set up some scripts to change, retrieve, and restore custom PEW sounds.

It took like 20 minutes, mostly because I forgot how to use pscp.

@dave I wonder if valueslugs.txt would be better off replaced by a TSV or CSV since both method and recipient type values are dependent on the value type. Maybe two files (one for value type -> value method mapping, one for value type -> recipient type mapping).

Oh god the registrar I use, Dynadot, is now calling TLDs "domain extensions"

This is the fault of the fucking normies, why did we ever let them on the internet

There needs to be a "marketing" website that people can be pointed to when we promote the V4V model. It's something that needs to be accessible to people on both sides of the equation, and state things nice and simple rather than diving into the weeds from the get-go. I could certainly set up and host such a site, if necessary, but I'm far from the right person to do the design or the content for it.

@adam @dave @jamescridland @SirSpencer

Softaculous and things like it are a total pain in the ass and only make life harder on the people who actually develop the software that these "services" offer to users.

Note that Ars is being histrionic in the article (LD_PRELOAD attacks aren't really that stealthy, and tend to require someone already doing dumb/bad things while root), but it's another sign that providing the ability to hook into the dynamic linker/loader via a FUCKING ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE is a really dumb idea.

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Podcast Generator 3.2.7 has been released, providing security fixes for one of our dependencies. If you make use of the Podcast Index or WebSub integration features of Podcast Generator, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade.


@merryoscar could you look into why sends from Fountain to my node 4coinsmorejoins / 02239ca479d09faebb126ac666626f377e2e285551547e8a63a8735c021e9f024d seem to fail as often as not? There doesn't seem to be any problem for sends to my co-host's node, but even today multiple attempts by a listener to boost our show failed in the send to me.

Got off my ass and got another instance of Podcast Generator spun up.

cc @coldacid @SirSpencer

Podcast Generator site up and running in about an hour, not bad since i caused myself most of the pain by doing things in a different way.

@dave would you happen to know the person behind the podcastindex/podcastindex-php Composer package? It hasn't been touched in two years, and I wonder if perhaps it should be taken over by the PI organization in GitHub.

Podcast Generator 3.2.6 is now released! This includes a security update for one of our dependencies, and fixes a post-setup process crash. If you're using Podcast Generator, you are strongly advised to upgrade, especially if you have enabled Podcast Index integration.


📺️ The video from my talk about at the “Building a European Cultural Backbone” 🇪🇺 convention is now available online!

Thank you Franz Heinzmann, Ingo Leindecker, Cultural Broadcasting Archive, Radio FRO & arso for trusting us. 🙏
Thank you @andi @CCC for taking care of the streaming. 🙏
Thank you @NGIZero for supporting us. 🙏
Thank you “Podcasting 2.0” @adam @dave for spreading the cross-platform word. 🙏

👉️ blog.castopod.org/building-a-e

Podcast Generator 3.2.5 is now available, with a few bug fixes and complete translations for Farsi and traditional Chinese.


Podcast Generator 3.2.4 is now available, containing the updated German translation (thanks @Fips!) and including setup and upgrade path fixes. If you use Podcast Generator to run your podcast's feed and website, pick it up now!


Is there anything newer than 2013 about whether or not it is good to use the __get() and __set() magic functions in PHP classes? Getting real damn tired of stale Stack Overflow links and the stupid clone sites that just copy everything verbatim from it

App devs take note. The work you are doing is now more critical than ever.

Read how these two AI data scientists subtly shill for algorithmically driven content moderation by podcast apps through regulation.

This *will* be discussed at the board meeting


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