I'm thinking about the licensing of Podcast Generator. I think that AGPL would be a better fit than the current GPL license, but at the same time it's a bit too strict for single instances that want to make their own minor customizations. I'm more concerned with hosting services who will change things but not contribute them back.

I just released version 3.1.2 of Podcast Generator, including a security fix and a number of other bug fixes that were causing users some problems. None of my Podcasting 2.0 work is in this release, but hopefully 3.2 will be out the door before Christmas!


@dave does the /hub/pubnotify endpoint for the Podcast Index API automatically hit Podping with the feed URL or would I still need to add that explicitly to Podcast Generator?

PI ping and current state of season/episode numbers are also in my "stable genius" integration branch: github.com/coldacid/PodcastGen

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Custom feed tags coming to Podcast Generator soon. I hope to land it in Git this evening. Meanwhile, PI ping and season/episode numbers are still in the wings, the latter due to valid issues around indexing raised by the previous PG maintainer.

If anyone wants to try out custom tags and try to break it, branch is here in my personal repo: github.com/coldacid/PodcastGen

This week's AbleKraft with @SirSpencer Takes a Lotta Spoons

We discover boost-a-grams from podcast pre-history, a booster teaches us how to get great features, and more music updates!


Does anybody know of a blockchain english dictionary that can only be changed with true consensus?

It's taken over 39 hours to get to 20%. That suggests that at constant speed, it'll still be another six and a half days before my node is synced.

The new shelf is installed. Once we're done producing tonight's Rare Encounter, I power up nodepi and configure it.

This weekend is going to be a blitz on Podcast Generator, adding the ability to add Lightning addresses (or at least textareas for custom XML in feeds), as well as address various bugs and outdated dependencies. Hopefully I can get enough done, but I'm still burning out from my 9-to-5 (the #1 contributor to me not accomplishing anything with PG lately).

Everything but actual setup/config remaining for my Pi node. It's racked, SD card is loaded up with RaspiBlitz, SSD plugged in, just need to add power and connect it to the home network. I'm saving that until after tomorrow's episode of Rare Encounter so that I don't crash my net connection while doing the podcast.

With cross-app comments using ActivityPub, podcasters don't have to delegate interactions with their audience to a third party social media site anymore.
Cut out the middleman.
Stay in control.
The podcast IS the social network.

From “Podcasting 2.0 for October 29nd 2021 Episode 60: Crossing the Line”

It'll be nice when things aren't nearly so hairy with work, so that I can focus on more refactoring and Podcasting 2.0 improvements in Podcast Generator. I've been neglecting it so much since we went into crunch at work.

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