Custom feed tags coming to Podcast Generator soon. I hope to land it in Git this evening. Meanwhile, PI ping and season/episode numbers are still in the wings, the latter due to valid issues around indexing raised by the previous PG maintainer.

If anyone wants to try out custom tags and try to break it, branch is here in my personal repo:

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PI ping and current state of season/episode numbers are also in my "stable genius" integration branch:

@agates you can "ping" Podcast Index whenever your feed updates so that the changes get picked up right away

@coldacid huh, is there value in using this over podping? Guess that's a dave question

@agates @coldacid none. Why tell only Podcast Index you changed when for exactly the same bytes you can tell everyone.

I guess @dave could also podping any feed marked this way but I don't see a reason to.

This gets back to whether if Dave podpinged the entire flow of all changed feeds he finds by polling, it would drive wider adoption of podping.

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