I had an idea for transparency in the value splits: add a free text field for every item in the split, so the "owner" can give a short description of why it's there.

I'm sure you guys have already considered this, but thought I'd leave it here anyway:

Why are categories per feed? Wouldn't it make sense to allow the categories to be overwritten per episode as well?

I can imagine some podcasts may have a rather eclectic mix of topics, it might help with discoverability if you could set relevant categories per episode.

The first podcasts using the Person tag are showing up. Very exciting to see!

Great work @podcastaddict!

@adam @dave just throwing out the idea: what if the enclosure URL was a magnet link and every podcast player acted as a BT client? That could seriously reduce bandwidth costs for podcasts and as an added benefit, work around the great firewall here in China blocking a significant amount of podcasts because they e.g. use Google's feedburner or other blocked services.

@adam @dave A publisher would create a "master" feed and tag all the episodes. Those episodes would automatically start appearing in meta-feeds.

This might also help with episodes being cross-posted as a promotion. Those currently would show up as new episodes, even though you might have already listened to them on their original feeds (leading to an unnecessary download and general annoyance) (2/2)

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@adam @dave Last show you mentioned people following *people*, not *podcasts*, or something to that effect. That triggered an idea I had for a long time: couldn't we have meta-feeds based on episode-metadata? E.g. a feed with all the episodes (across any podcast feed) in which Adam appears. That might also be a better solution for the keyword feeds, as you wouldn't have to actually crawl all of them (1/2)

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