it's redonkulous how epicly good react+typescript tech is

i luv it! big fun

so it's good decision that web UI of podcast index dot org is using react+typescript


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@csb I have to learn it. I've been putting it off far too long.

@csb I created a "components" library (in Quanta project) where I can code in TS+React and not even need any TSX templating.

Look at line 93 here to see how my entire Podcast/Audio Player dialog is rendered. Not to brag (oh maybe a little), but that's gotta be the future of how web-front ends will be built.

To people who have seen this link before, don't worry it's all rewritten recently.

@csb Unfortunately my components library is not yet turned into a stand-alone NPM package, which would be nice, so the rest of the world can use it, rather than simply stand back and look at it in shock and awe.

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