Hey everyone. We just released episode 98 of Fun Fact Friday. We have been collecting facts from listeners for about 2 months for our 100th show. We have around 50ish so far. We are hoping to get 100 facts from fans before we record. We will be doing the episode live on May 12th. Help us get to 100 facts! mail@funfactfriday.com A clip of you telling us the fact would be best, but text is fine too. Thank you all so much for all of your support over the last 2 years. Cheers!



fun fact: without Poland there would be no Europe:

Poland defeated Turkey (called then: Ottoman Empire) in Battle of Vienna in 1683 and Russia (called then: Soviet Union) in Battle of Warsaw (also called Miracle on the Vistula) in 1920, in both cases preventing evil Asian empire occupying whole Europe and making it merely part of Asia.

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@csb Thanks CSB, I have some friends whose families came from Poland. Big hearted, hard working people.


There is 9.5 million Americans of Polish ancestry + several millions living abroad of Poland, so Poles are 2nd biggest Slavic group despite Poland being 3rd biggest Slavic country after Russia and Ukraine

Only strong Catholic values of Poles in these 2 battles prevented Fall of Europe.

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