myWebLog v2 (RC 1) has been released! This one doesn't support the full namespace yet, but it's on its way. If you're looking for software to server your site, blog, or podcast, this could be a solution you'd enjoy.

I've released beta 3 of myWebLog v2. This version brings support for podcast:funding, podcast:medium, and podcast:guid. With beta 2's support for podcast:chapters, podcast:transcript, podcast:season, and podcast:episode, this completes the tags that will be implemented for v2's initial release.

I've also added a "podcasting" label for issues, and am working on plans to support the person, value, and liveItem tags (among others), as well as PodPing.

I'm reading up on PodPing, and I think I have it, but I want to make sure. To use, if I make a GET request with the URL of the feed that was just updated, that's all there is to it? Or, would I need some sort of registration first?

I read the announcement post, and it seemed to imply the former. At any rate, I want to include it in my support, so I'm trying to figure out what I need to do.

(A link is a fine reply if this has been answered somewhere else before.)

(5) Anyway - I've already spent 2 weeks making this thing work out-of-the-box with very little configuration; I don't mind spending the time up front to make it easier to use. With that in mind, I'm all ears for suggestions, including ones that may make me question my current plan.

Thoughts? 5/5 (end)

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(4) Of course, an episode would also need to allow manual entry of split recipient (with all fields) for those who aren't defined as people for the site overall.

Anyway - this makes sense in my mind, but I wanted to throw it out for discussion here. My goal is to make it easy to do what you need to do with as few clicks as possible, while also being flexible enough to veer off the "happy path" if you need to. 4/ (more)

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(3) I'm looking for ease-of-use; it would be easy to build something complex, but I think I can do better.

My thoughts on people is to allow users to define them at the site level - name, image/URL, etc., and default roles and groups, along with an address from the "value" definition.

Then, for each episode, I would let users select defined people, optionally overriding role/group, and optionally defining a value split for that person. 3/ (more)

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(2) For my initial v2.0 release, I plan to support some of the easier-to-implement settings; those are listed on the v2-rc milestone.

As I write this, the episode fields are implemented, while the podcast fields are still to-do; the episode fields are documented at .

I do understand that funding is a big part of podcasting 2.0; however, I see the "value" implementation being a post-v2 release. 2/ (more)

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Intro time - Hi, I'm Daniel. I've been part of the NA tribe for several years. I've been a professional software developer for nearly 25 years, including 22 years in the USAF.

I have a website hosting / podcasting application that I'm developing, currently released in beta, that currently runs my 4 sites. It supports podcasts via feeds defined at either the category or tag level, and my goal is to include as many 2.0 features as I can. 1/ (more)

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