Quick update: Taddy's Podcast API now uses podping (and our directory now has over 4 million podcasts)

I do plan to support more podcasting 2.0 features in the future.

As of this week I'm starting working on my comic app (powered by comic feeds) ie: anyone can create a comic feed + anyone can build a comic app reader (similar to how podcasts work). I'm hoping to launch by December. Going to add comic feeds to Taddy next.

Lastly, why launch Taddy when there is PodcastIndex + ListenNotes?

Working in the podcast space has made me realize how powerful he idea of feeds as the form of distribution is to empower creators. I built Taddy to be able support different types of feeds, and am going to be launching a Comic API / app that is going to be build on open standard feeds, just like podcasts. ie) an alternative to webtoons.com but using feeds.


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Hi, I wanted to Intro myself to the community. I'm Danny, the founder of taddy.org & podyssey.fm.

Taddy's Podcast API is similar to PodcastIndex's API but I do believe they complement each other. For example we support:
- Doing a search for an episode with a certain title or description.
- Getting notified via a webhook when there is a newly released podcast or episode. (which is similar to podping, just a different approach to solving it)


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