I made a Podcast Widget builder!


And I literally was finishing the code while almost falling asleep, so please excuse (but report) any bugs!

@adam @dave

@adam @dave Glad you like it!

@adam basically this is one step closer to what you mentioned on the International podcast day stream where a church can have their own podcast app!
I mean, if I bundled this up a bit, and allowed PWA, then that would basically be it!
And maybe something where monetization could be explored... However do we REALLY want 9 million podcast players out there, that can only play one podcast? hm. I feel it might go a bit against the "purpose".

@martin @dave I don’t feel that it goes against purpose at all! Clearly you memes to surface the full podfriend interface when someone wants to “explore”. I see it as a great opportunity to promote podcasting.

And while we’re at it, why not expand the widget so that I can show selected recommended podcast as well? This way we get a social effect of people pointing to each other’s podcasts.

@adam @dave I like the idea of recommended podcasts in the widget a lot!

@martin @adam I would love to have 9 million podcast apps. What I'd really like is to deliver the actual app code itself in the feed. The feed carries the app PWA code.

@dave @adam Not sure I 100% see the point of that. Can you elaborate on it?

@martin @adam I have this notion that HTML5 apps could be distributed in the feed itself, and the code/app loaded by the browser when the feed refreshes. It's kind of a crazy idea.

@dave @martin @adam


so API keys would have to be embedded client-side and thus visible for all, right?

I thought that web apps need server side to keep there secret API keys...

🔑 🤔

@csb @martin No, Martin has the webapp send the operation to his server which hands back the necessary hashed value. So the secret is not disclosed (although a bad guy could have his service sign something arbitrary, I suppose).

@csb Right, you'd have to have the secret in some form on the client (you can try to hide it, but it _has_ to be there). Also have to depend on CORS. For me (and clearly, Martin too) servers are not a big deal, so no problem. It also lets me offload to the server as much as possible, nice for mobile clients & their battery and data plans.


@vandys @csb A $5/mth server from linode or digital ocean will get you pretty far.

@dave @vandys yes, except for Machine Learning stuff that requires GPU or specialized like TPU

@csb @vandys Can’t do that in a browser anyway. Or can you?

@dave @vandys no, you can't do in web browser what $1000/month server can do server side 😂

some ML inference possible in browser, not serious training

@csb @vandys What about a browser running on a $15,000 mac pro? ;-)

@dave @vandys better:

“TensorFlow.js executes operations on the GPU by running WebGL shader programs”

but skipping browser software layers and going directly to hardware would be much faster

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