Introducing the Podcastindex namespace for RSS:

Will discuss on the show today.

Let's move things forward or die trying. 😃

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I just renamed the namespace to just be "podcast" instead of "podcastindex".

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Stupid question I have: can we have it in JSON too or you have to stick to XML for ever?

@dave I’d like to see social media links included in namespace

@dave and host, and guests names for those podcasts which do interviews - which seems like so many now days

@dave Definitely have comments for this, but excited about it!

First comment though:
Let's stay away from variable image sizing per attribute. Define 1 size, not "between X-Y"

Second, don't use names that will be deprecated within years. I can guarantee that what we now think of "LargeImage" will not be considered large in X years.

@dave another thing, I know @Todd_Blubrry has been talking about a new namespace in his last show. Let's investigate if we can join forces!

Looking forward to the podcast. Sounds like you'r full of ideas ;)

@dave I recommend switching it back to "podcastindex" or something more specific than "podcast."

@dave Unless, of course, we can make it a major movement governed by an independent body instead of merely a couple guys running on donations.

@theDanielJLewis That's the goal. If it's not an attempt at a major movement then it's not worth doing IMO. Everybody that wants these tags are pretty much here already, or can be with a 30 second Mastadon registration. That feels like a decent start to a governing body to me. 🙂

@dave so I've added a few of these tags to my PhoneBoy Speaks feed. Hopefully your crawlers pick them up.

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