Buzzsprout is really excited to see the work on RSS namespace. Do we have other podcast hosts and players that are actively participating? I think we just need a few of each to make it really stick.

@adam @tomrossi7 Yeah, from what we've heard privately, participation shouldn't be an issue.

@dave @adam I'm not seeing a lot of participation in the discussions so I'm just concerned when the rubber hits the road, they won't actually implement.

@dave @adam if the community of hosts/platforms and players work together in defining these RSS updates, we have a real chance to innovate quicker than the big boys!


@tomrossi7 @adam There is burnout on it. Just listen to @Todd_Blubrry latest New Media Show episode "RSS 2.0 What Now?". People just want a standard at this point. If we cook a good one, they'll adopt it.

What's necessary right now is for someone to just create a sane spec and drive it. As long as it meets the needs of the hosts/platforms in a way that isn't burdensome, that's all anybody wants.

BTW, we're following these rules: as everyone should.

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