Namespace update - We now have the following:

- transfer locking (formalized)
- owner verification (formalized)
- transcripts (formalized)
- captions (formalized)
- location
- chapters
- platform/directory id's
- funding/donation links
- alternate enclosures
- guest/host bio information
- multiple image sizes
- contact info

All in a very small and efficient spec so far. This is looking great. Thanks to @tomrossi7 for writing the declaration for these as we finish them. Onward!

@dave you already have chapters? Can you give me a link where they are described so I can double check?

@adam @dave

Thanks, AC,

Chapter part looks good👍

So No need for me to submit any more proposals.

In future I’ll research extracting outlines from shownotes (like in Lex Fridman podcast) to chapters.

Extracting chapters from MP3 in web players - that’s challenge that might be solved by crowdsourcing - I’ll think about it too later.

@csb @adam @dave I was looking at implementing chapters for Buzzsprout, but got cold feet @theDanielJLewis have you considered the impact on RSS feed size and speed?

@csb @adam @dave @theDanielJLewis I love the chapters spec and think its the right move, we may just want to wait until we can collaborate with an aggregator that will expose some new functionality to warrant the performance hit and additional cost.


@tomrossi7 @csb @adam @theDanielJLewis Podcastindex is an aggregator. That's how the API works. We aggregate a little over 1.3 million feeds right now. We will be implementing the chapter spec (whatever final form) immediately along with everything else. I'm happy to make our system the mad laboratory for all of the new stuff. And, I'll give everyone here stats and impressions on how it's working. The Podcasting 2.0 show will bake this stuff into the feed immediately too as a test bed.

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@dave @adam


I wish that in future, not now, your podcast index dot org, could provide ability of crowdsourcing of some infos about episodes like chapters ,

Question: could you envision end users (not podcasters) crowdsourcing chapter info back to podcast index org for example by running some app or command line that a) extracts chapters from outline , b) extracts chapters from MP3 file, c) user created chapters (title+time stamp)


@csb @dave @adam

Like 'share from this point in time' to a Mastodon toot with a description?

Maybe that's not so elegant though (on second thoughts!)

@csb @adam Would love that. Tell me an API endpoint design that you think would work and we can try it out.

@dave @adam


Something like this what @marshcast proposed: .

Exactly how doesnt matter: gist is to enable end users not merely podcasters to enable enriching episodes with these chapters points

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