@dave got my tribe and the podcast is working :-) Now, I should see those boost Satoshis on my RaspiBlitz?

@anita @dave what is the rss feed for this? I am curious to see the implementation

@dave @anita @marnix

Thanks for that guys, I wanted to have a look.

I have implemented initial support for the locked, value and funding tags on podlove plugin if any one is interested in having a look. It is being brought in as a module (which is a special think in podlove land)

Here it is implemented on my own podcast:


@davekeeshan @anita @marnix Hey, that looks great Dave!! Do you have any plans to share the Podlove module? I'm not sure how that works.

@dave @anita @marnix

Yes absolutely, I am just road testing it. It is a bit pre-beta, it works but doesn't have any bells or whistles, if any one wants it ping, I'll prepare some notes over the next few days.

Oh I am also douglaskastle on github, just to close that loop.

@davekeeshan @anita @marnix Ok, cool. I found a bug though. Your <podcast:value> tag doesn't close correctly . It closes as <podcast:recipient>.

@davekeeshan @anita @marnix When you fix that I'll ping it with the index again and it should pull your node keys in.

@dave @anita @marnix

DOn't worry about that, they are dummy keys, I have yet to wrap my brain around setting up a working LND node, that is the next task

@davekeeshan @anita @marnix I actually show you twice in the index. Once as a Buzzsprout feed url and once as your custom domain. Which one should I blow away?

@dave @anita @marnix

I am hosted by buzzsprout, but the other is my master feed, if I move off buzzsprout, which I may do to self host, the one on my website survives

I am guessing you'll find a lot of dupes like this?

@davekeeshan @anita @marnix I can keep both. I'll set buzzsprout as the "original_url" and your custom domain as the "url". It'll update with either on the websub, so it won't hurt anything.


Excellent, you must be seeing this problem everywhere. I actually thought about this at the start. My recent podcast is only 9 months old, but I set one up years ago and had so many issues moving hosts and reannouncing to all the directories. So the website is the main one. I think if one can see what apple is referring to, this is the defacto master feed. Podlove gives great control of your feed that way.

@davekeeshan I see it some. That's why I'm so cautious about mass importing feed lists. I go very slow to make sure I don't load it down with dup's.

We're going to solve this problem btw. I have a couple of ideas that I think will fix it when we get some of the bigger fish fried with the namespace.

@dave yeah I imagine it's tough. I try and make the feeds look as identical as I can, but I could make a typo here or there and they'll be different, they are really two independent feeds.

I remember trying to find Joe Rogans feeds, before he up levelled, there were so many different ones, I think I found 4 or 5.

I suppose it is a holistic choice, what IS a podcast feed? You know spiritually :)

@davekeeshan @dave @marnix Great to hear about the module for podlove. I am interested in using it too.

@anita @dave @marnix

Hi all,

I have put up a preliminary podlove module to open up the tags i have done already.

Only locked, funding and value so far.

I had to document how to do it, which is what caused the delay. Now it is there I can go back and see what other tags to add.


Any problems just raise an issue against the github repository.

@davekeeshan @anita @marnix Thank you for the detailed docs. So many devs skimp on that part since it's boring. But, it's so important.

@dave @anita @marnix

Yes i find though it helps to be up front, because the retro support after the fact can be a whole lot worse.

Still though, I always end up finding some outlier case i didn't think about, that's life living on the edge!

@anita @dave @marnix

Ok a bug has been highlighted by the guys over on podbooker due to the absence of the xmlns tag in the feed.

I posted a new podcast last week, but the numbers are terrible, i went over to apple and found they are not listing the new episode, probably due to this.

Hold up implementing for now

If you're not breaking things ...

@anita @dave @marnix

Also found antennapod was reporting errors with my feed. Disabling for now on my main feed.

Hacking in the xmlns doesn't appear to be obviously available via the module technique. At the moment it seems to need to fork the whole plugin. It's easy enough through that, but raises the stakes

@davekeeshan @dave @marnix If you fork the whole plugin, does it then integrate future updates of Podlove?

@anita @dave @marnix

I haven't forked it yet. I am awaiting some feedback from the guys over in the podlove group. I have no interest in maintaining a permanent fork, it would only be there to help bootstrap this effort. But this is exactly the type of problems we are trying to expose to understand what needs to be supported

@anita @dave @marnix

Re-update. The xmlns issues has been fixed without requiring a fork.

Note this is only an enabling module. If and when it ever gets implemented in podlove officially all value may have to be re-entered again, or anytime while this is an active module. Welcome to Beta!


@davekeeshan @dave @marnix thanks for your work! If I should not do an automatic update of the Podlove plugin, how should I update? Never?

@anita @dave @marnix

Currently the safest thing is to delete the directory, do the automatic update, copy the directory back.

I think if the directory is physically present it will just be smashed away, but I had the directory as a link, and it caused me issues.

If your feeling brave, you could just replace the wordpress download able plugin with the one from github, but then as updates come from maintaining the good branch, it can be too much work for some people.

@davekeeshan @dave @marnix That's exactly my issue. I am brave, but not brave enough. I'd rather wait for Podlove to implement it. Never break a working solution.

@anita @dave @marnix

Well there's where the line between evolution and revolution exists

@davekeeshan @dave @marnix 😉 That is true. Working on releasing my first video interviews. Maybe I will try it, when I have more time available again.

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