New version of Podfriend out.

Now with support for <podcast:location>

Here's an example:

I plan to do a bit more with the location tag, like showing a preview of the map before you click. But I'm pretty happy with how it works on both mobile and desktop right now.


@martin Just noticed an interesting bug. The HTML title shows a different podcast than the one I'm viewing. Maybe cached somewhere in local storage?

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@dave Actually it always shows the title of what you have playing, not what you are browsing.

I'm unsure if it's counter intuitive - the reason is that (and I guess this is mostly for windows) I want the title in the taskbar (and on the window) to be that of what you're listing - a bit like Spotify/iTunes/etc.

But of course this mostly comes from the desktop version. I'm unsure if it should behave like this in the browser.

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