Namespace: I just made two important changes to the location and person tags that are breaking changes. After some discussion with Angelo at Blubrry, we decided to remove the name="" attribute from these tags and move that string to the element's node value.


<podcast:person name="Dave Jones" />


<podcast:person>Dave Jones</podcast:person>

Same with location:

<podcast:location name="Mount St. Helens" />


<podcast:location>Mount St. Helens</podcast:location>

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@Castopod @martin Heads up to you guys specifically since I think yall were doing implementations.

@Castopod @dave Maybe it makes sense for me to hold off on updating till you have updated your feed, since you're the only place I know of that has this. Then I can test out if the changes works instantly :)

@dave do you plan on adding endpoints to search by person and by location?

@podcastaddict Yep. Already have a person search:

But, it's just parsing out the data from the descriptions using a huge stopword list. I'll be transitioning it to an actual <podcast:person> tag search as soon as the tags are formalized.

Location is on deck also.

@dave That's great! Will the endpoint remain the same for the person search after switching to the new tag? If so I'll try implementing this quickly ;)

@dave also is it possible to add some information to the episode search results such as the podcast Name and RSS feed URL? Maybe only if some extra parameter are passed like format=full. Without this, I would have to query the API for the different podcasts returned in the search to make this work

@podcastaddict Yes I can make that happen. Best to give everything back as a single call whenever possible. 👍

@dave Here's a list of missing information that might be useful for the episode search results: author, podcast Name, podcast RSS feed URL, episode duration, episode fileSize, isExplicit flag

@dave That's perfect! Next version of Podcast Addict will include search by person. A first beta should be available by tomorrow

@podcastaddict @dave that is awesome! I'll need to update my podcast author name to actually be my name or something.

@chrislw @dave I think this will be more useful to find someone who has been a guest in a podcast rather than the podcast author has this will already be covered by regular search

@podcastaddict @chrislw That's right.

When the <podcast:person> tag is formalized just make sure you implement it for yourself as role="host" of your episodes and we'll start picking it up. "host" is the default role for the tag, so you'll be able to do something simple like this:

<podcast:person>Chris L-W</podcast:person>

...or more complete like this:

href="">Chris L-W</podcast:person>

@podcastaddict This might get interesting. Hope we don't get traffic bombed. :-)

@dave let me know if you experience too many queries. But that won't happen with the beta

@podcastaddict I'm not overly worried about it I think. The person search index runs on it's own VM and just returns an array of feed id's which are plucked from the main DB with a simple SELECT/JOIN. It's about as light-weight as you can get.

@dave do you parse / store episodes duration from the feed (when available)? If so I'd it possible to get it in the search results?

@podcastaddict We just take it from the feed's itunes:duration tag. I'm pretty sure "duration" is in that result set. At least it should be. We don't read the audio file in any way.

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