Namespace: Trying to figure out how much else we can really get accomplished in Phase 2. I feel like person, location, season/episode is a good haul. It feels a little late to try to refine anything else before 1/31. Is there any consensus here that those tags are good enough for this phase of things?

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We have "id" (which is now being considered for a name change) and "social". While "id" would be great, it seems like it's in too much flux right now.

Just trying to get a feel for where everyone's head is at.

@dave Great success! And there is value in giving hosts time to implement!

@martin That's my feeling as well. We need to have some breathing room.

@dave I suggest not trying to fit in more. It's nice to have momentum and lock things in, but sometimes I worry about moving too much too fast. However, this phase seems like a nice pace.

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