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What would the person tag look like for you Martin?

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@steven Agreed. I'm just thinking about that whole thing of uniquely identifying a person without being dependent on using the same url each time.

Of course, something like this would work:

<podcast:person href="" img="" uid="2b84b1c-439d-4244-aa58-74e7d42af5cb">Steven Crader</podcast:person>

...but, who generates that uid?

@steven For LDAP and other directories the IANA assigns unique id's in the OID repository space. I wonder if a system like this would work. It would need a system to hand out these unique id's and be able to search them.

@steven BTW, when my wife told her mom she met a guy and his name was "Dave Jones" she though it was made up. Like "John Smith" or something.

@dave Good question! You can point at, but if you can wait a day I will make a page about me on Podfriend that’s more Podcast centric!

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