New site is now up with some bug fixes, layout improvements and new apps added.

If your app isn't listed as using the correct features/tags let me know. Or better yet, tweak it in the web-ui repo and send a PR.

@jamescridland this has your layout stuff in it, and I fixed the double-_from thing in the player.

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Let me clarify, not a "new site". New version of the site.

@dave @jamescridland The mobile version desperately needs attention. None of the descriptors appear. Many people who hear me promoting are on mobile and are not getting the experience they expect when looking at the apps page.

Help is greatly appreciated.



just for the record: the initial//first version of this page thast I created with React.js was specifically designed for mobile and tested by myself on hardware (iphone and galaxy note). The subsequent changes made it less mobile friendly. Now too many changes for me to be involved again...

@dave @jamescridland

@adam @dave @jamescridland I'd love to help out with this, but I'm afraid I'm tied down with work until and including tomorrow.

After that I'll be happy to take a look if no one did it already before that.

@mitch @dave @jamescridland Thanknyou Mitch. Anything is better than what we have now ;-)

@adam @dave @jamescridland haha well...hopefully @csb can one day forgive me for butchering his elegant grid work with a "float: left" rule on mobile only 😬 I'm only making CSS changes though (no changes to page structure), so they can be easily reversed if needed.

PR is up here:

@mitch @adam @dave @jamescridland @csb

Lo0oks good Mitch - Only comment I really have is that those checkboxes would really benefit from a larger size on mobile, or they will be really really hard to hit! (I know it's not in scope of this task)

@martin @adam @dave @jamescridland @csb good idea, I went ahead and added some CSS to increase checkbox size in mobile views.

Checkboxes seem kind of tricky to customize without a UI library, but hopefully this `transform: scale(1.5)` rule will work well enough across browsers.

Desktop should look the same.

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