About to drop in the person tag aggregator code for testing.


Working on channel level next.

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@dave @chidgey That's pretty cool. I only have people on the channel level, but I'll definitely add it on the episode level very soon (Just need more hours in the day!)

@martin @chidgey I chose item-level first just because it was harder. Figured I'd do the hard one first and get it out of the way. Looking forward to getting it all baked in so that we can do some cool search stuff with it.

I want a "recent/people" endpoint for sure. Or a trending people thing.

@dave I already had People tagged per episode on all of my shows since 2015. Adding that to the RSS XML was trivial. I went back and retrofitted OSM IDs for Causality though.

@dave I will definitely do it. And by "do it," I mean I will delegate it to my assistant.

@theDanielJLewis lol. Where do I get one of these “assistants”. Sounds like a good deal. 😊

@dave @theDanielJLewis I would really like one too! (well at work I run a team, but I guess they would start questioning me if I suddenly made them do a lot of podcast related stuff... Hmmm...)

@martin @dave @theDanielJLewis If they are worthy people they would just be excited 😆

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