This is the first crack at publishing our podcast feed list continuously with IPFS/IPNS:


This is only the first 100,000 records. Can I get a few folks to grab a copy of it as a test to make sure we're good?

If so, I'll begin publishing the whole feed list at this address and schedule it to update once per day.

For those who don't use Brave or Opera, or don't have any experience with IPFS, this link will work:

Accessing through a gateway helps us too because it'll do some caching.

Once someone says they are able to grab a copy of it, I'll change it and we'll see if you get the updated content like you should.

@stu Ok, let me dump a new version with 150,000 rows instead of 100,000.

@stu Ok, try it now and see if you get the bigger file.

@stu I just went directly through IPFS and got the bigger file. Must be caching. Let me dig.

@dave @stu I also got the 150,000 row version directly through the ipns:// uri

@steven @stu Thanks for confirming that. I'm reading about their caching. Seems like it invalidates the cache faster if you link a DNS record to it through their dashboard. Going to try that.

@dave @steven from what I've read they seem to default their caching to refresh after 6 hours... which may be good enough, depending on how often you're finally going to update the content.

I guess if people want it quicker than that they can invest the time in getting IPFS/IPNS set up properly.

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