This is the first crack at publishing our podcast feed list continuously with IPFS/IPNS:


This is only the first 100,000 records. Can I get a few folks to grab a copy of it as a test to make sure we're good?

If so, I'll begin publishing the whole feed list at this address and schedule it to update once per day.

For those who don't use Brave or Opera, or don't have any experience with IPFS, this link will work:

Accessing through a gateway helps us too because it'll do some caching.

Once someone says they are able to grab a copy of it, I'll change it and we'll see if you get the updated content like you should.

@dave Just got the 150K version from both a gateway and ipfs (directly).

How often do you plan to publish (continuously?)?

@cameron Initially every 24 hours. But, the goal is to publish a sqlite version of feed table over IPFS, which would update more frequently.

"Continuously" is probably a bad term since it has other devops meanings. I guess a better description would be "frequently and automated".


@cameron Making some changes. Switching to folder instead of just the file...

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@dave Wrapping in a folder seems easier on the clients (so they can see the filename).

Understood on the word "continuous". I'm still trying to figure out how to put feed urls in ipns while "continuously" updating.

@alvaro @cameron Thanks. Now we get to see how much bandwidth this uses when I dump the whole thing.

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