Namespace: We're going to officially change over to a share based calculation for the value block as @agates and @coldacid suggested. It won't break anything that currently exists. It's just a conceptual change to the math.

So a 50/45/5 split is the same as a 380/171/19 split.

Just a heads up about this to anyone coding this right now.

We're going to bring in a "custom record" too, as proposed. Just working it out with @sphinx_chat to see what works best for them.

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@dave @agates @coldacid @sphinx_chat further detail because I'm litereally changing my data structure now (and this makes things much easier).

I'm going to hold 2 numbers, original and % and I'll recalc the % automatically.

I'm wondering if I should designate the originals as Integers. My gut says yes.

@dave @agates @coldacid @sphinx_chat and sorry to keep firing these off but are you going to change the official language in the XML feeds from split to shares.

Internally that's what I'm doing in my code right now.

@coldacid @brianoflondon @agates @sphinx_chat It will. I started working on revamped documentation for it last night.

@brianoflondon @agates @coldacid @sphinx_chat Ability to stick a key/value pair somewhere in the split definition to help with routing or some other metadata type scenario.

@dave @agates @coldacid @sphinx_chat I like this. It makes it much easier to add someone in without having to rebalance the numbers.

@theDanielJLewis @dave @agates @coldacid @sphinx_chat I spent yesterday adding a rebalance percentages button to my front end 😆 going to dump it though the maths is still needed behind the scenes.

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