Podcasting 2.0 Explainer: Ok, here is the very rough first draft of "What is Podcasting 2.0"...

When I'm writing I tend to just barf everything on the page first, then go back and clean it up. If anyone has edits feel free to do a PR.

I'll work on the v4v section last.

Again, this is very rough draft. The audience for this document is intended to be _anyone_ who asks "what exactly is this podcasting 2.0" thing.

This document needs to be something that both technical and non-technical people can understand. So, at certain points it will just say "if your podcast is hosted do so and so". For the ones that self-host, it is assumed they have enough technical understanding to know what is being said.

@dave I'll have my mom read it and see if she can follow :)

@dave maybe I should draw cartoons for your document to make it more understandable? Ideas ?

@csb Hmm. I'm so bad at that type of thinking. I have no art bone in my body.

@dave Looking good Dave. Will parse through a few time as you progress.

@dave would a recommendation to properly implement support for HTTP Conditional Requests ( belong in this document? Or should we have a "Best Practices" peer document?

@dellagustin I think any of that stuff belongs in this one personally.

@dave Looks good so far, Dave. It's just concise enough and the flow is good for the average person.

I do wonder if the term "namespace" may be too technical for some people. Not sure.

@dave I think it looks good. But agree the word namespace may be tough for non technical people

@dave I have access to an AI that can write great marketing copy. Maybe I'll run some of this through it to get some ideas for how to improve it.

BTW, I suggest we formalize a name for the namespace. Instead of calling it "the 'podcast' namespace," we could make it a proper noun ("Podcast Namespace"), or maybe instead call it "the Podcasting 2.0 namespace."

@theDanielJLewis @dave

"I have access to an AI that can write great marketing copy.'

Now THIS I have to see!

@adam @dave The service is called Jarvis from (affiliate link). I'm using it in several things now.

To test it, I posted on my Facebag account asking podcasters to describe their podcasts and letting me run it through the AI's AIDA framework. The results amazed!

@theDanielJLewis I’m open to whatever is cool. As long as it passes the Keeper test.

Still don’t have a good name for the value block stuff either.

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